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Got G.A.M.E.?

You think you know, but you have no idea

The Greg And Mike Experience
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We are the self-proclaimed best rock band ever. Hailing from wilmington, delaware we can play the best rock tunes or the softest melodies that you have ever heard. Some of our best songs include "Hole In My Pocket," "My Lover," and "New Socks." We have released a full length CD entitled "Heavy Breathing" and an EP entitled "Three Balls, Two Bats, and a Guy In a Bunny Suit." In the coming months we will have a new disc coming out entitled "Hide and Go Seek," featuring new songs like "Off The Scale," "Backwards Bill," and "Ew!" So look for that. If anyone wants to book us IM one of at stilcountingdays(mike) or bulldogbuddy5 (greg) I guess its depends if you like blondes or brunettes better.

You can order our merchandise at www.cafepress.com/gregandmike.